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Detalles de la entrada : Quantifying the Impact of Women’s Participation in Post-Conflict Economic Recovery

Quantifying the Impact of Women’s Participation in Post-Conflict Economic Recovery

Fuente: Households in Conflict Network // Institute of Development Studies // University of Sussex
Año: 2012
Idioma: Inglés
Tipo de documento: artículo de análisis
The main aim of this report is to analyse how changes in the roles and activities of women during episodes of violent conflict may shape their contribution to post-conflict economic recovery and sustainable peace. The report poses two important questions for which limited evidence is to date available in the academic literature on violent conflict or in policy programming in post-conflict contexts: 1. How does violent conflict change the roles that women take on within their households and communities? 2. How do changes in female roles during conflict affect women‘s own status after the conflict, and the capacity of households and communities to recover from the conflict? In order to address these questions, the report reviews existing knowledge and provides new empirical evidence on the nature and extent of changes in women‘s roles and activities as a result of their exposure to violent conflict and the impact of these changes on post-conflict economic recovery at the household and community levels. The purpose of this empirical analysis is to provide a better understanding of (i) how changes in women‘s roles and activities may contribute towards processes of economic recovery; (ii) whether existing interventions are able to support these new roles (if positive) or to help women overcome negative outcomes; and (iii) what interventions the international community and local governments need to encourage in order to support the role of women in economic recovery and peacebuilding processes.

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