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Detalles de la entrada : The Status of Women in the US. Media 2014

The Status of Women in the US. Media 2014

Autor: Women Media Center
Año: 2014
Idioma: Inglés
Tipo de documento: artículo de análisis
Three years ago, the Women’s Media Center began tracking how well the American media—ubiquitous shaper of images, ideologies and ideals—allow women to craft our own narrative and include our voices in a wide-ranging public discourse being moder- ated over the airwaves, in print and online. They compiled the findings in this third annual report and conferred with watchdogs and researchers who analyze newsrooms, film lots, broadcast studios, the digital sphere and more, we couldn’t avoid reaching the same concerning conclusion: The American media have exceedingly more distance to travel on the road to gender-blind parity.

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