“From a world order perspective, the United Nations does not necessarily becomes better because it is becoming bigger. The understanding and appraisal of its performance in all instances are keyed to wider concerns about world order values and prospects for no-violent system transformation.”
- From the Introduction to "The United Nations and a just World Order" eds. Falk, Kim, Mendlovitz.

Over the weekend of January 28-29, 2011, a group of World Order Models Project (WOMP) personnel met at 866 UN Plaza, New York City, NY, and the Robert Treat Best Western Hotel in Newark, NJ. The central question discussed was whether, and, if so, how WOMP should proceed in the future. At the end of the discussions, there was a general consensus that WOMP participants should indeed continue by addressing, from a WOMP perspective, the most pressing challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.

There was unanimous agreement that the five core WOMP values remain fundamental and of urgent importance: peace; economic well-being; social justice; ecological balance; and positive identity. (Alternative terminology: minimization of armed conflict; optimization of economic well-being for all; promotion of human rights and social justice; achievement of ecological sustainability; nurturing of positive identities.)

In addition, participants identified the need to address the world order dimensions of seven more specific topics: